Top ten benefits of China's entry into WTO

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Professor wuyaotian, director of the center of the 109 CPC National Congress, believes that China's accession to the WTO will enjoy the top ten benefits

first, it will be conducive to China's introduction of foreign capital. The market access agreement signed by China and the United States to join the WTO will undoubtedly enhance the enthusiasm of foreign investors to invest in China and inject a shot in the arm to attract foreign investment

second, it will help China expand exports. Once China formally joins the WTO, it will enjoy the most favored nation treatment when conducting trade exchanges with the 134 members of the organization

third, it is conducive to China's reform and opening up. Twenty years' experience has proved that China's reform cannot be separated from a good external environment. Joining the world trade organization will not only improve the economic environment to a certain extent, but also create a good political environment for China

fourth, it is conducive to the reform of China's state-owned enterprises. At present, state-owned enterprises are facing considerable difficulties for complex reasons, but the most important one is the lack of competitive pressure

fifth, the maximum damage size of domestic demand that will be conducive to expanding and missing edges and corners. After entering the world trade organization, with the recovery of various industries, it will effectively stimulate domestic demand with Dongchen professional consumption impact testing machine and other data measurement equipment

Sixth, it will help expand employment. After joining the world trade organization, a country's GDP will increase by three percentage points, and one percentage point will create 4million jobs

seventh, it will be conducive to improving people's living standards. After joining the world trade organization, people will be able to buy imported goods of higher quality at a lower price, thereby effectively enhancing the purchasing power of people

Eighth, it is conducive to solving the Taiwan issue. In the past, Taiwan has tried every means to set up obstacles to the "three links" (navigation, postal services and communications). After Chinese Mainland first joined the WTO, if Taiwan, China, as an independent customs territory, can also join the WTO, according to the relevant provisions of the WTO, the obstacles to the "three links" will be effectively reduced, thereby enhancing cross-strait exchanges. Please call us for advice.

ninth, it will be conducive to the prosperity and development of Hong Kong. The special position of Hong Kong makes its development closely related to the prosperity of the mainland. Any benefits enjoyed by the mainland in the world trade organization will be indirectly reflected in Hong Kong

10. It will be conducive to the activity of the market, especially the securities market. The strong rebound of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets on the afternoon of the 15th and the good performance of Hong Kong stock market have effectively confirmed this point

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