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After 15 years of hard negotiations and efforts, the Chinese government finally opened the door to the world trade organization. On December 11, 2001, China officially became the 143rd member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). After formally joining the world trade organization, China will fully participate in the work of the WTO. The pace of economic globalization is faster, and the international competition of enterprises is more intense. As a labor-intensive, resource intensive and service supporting area, China's packaging industry, with what attitude to participate in international market competition and achieve sustainable development strategy, the author believes that our choice should be:

-- organize production and operation with a more open vision. In order to enter the international market, Chinese packaging enterprises must establish a new sense of competition and development concept, organize their production and operation activities from the perspective of global operation, participate in international market competition with an open management concept, quickly change the foothold of production and operation from a single domestic market to two international and domestic markets, and formulate a development strategy facing economic globalization and integration, And put it into action in the whole production and operation decision-making and implementation

-- innovate the enterprise system with higher standards. The establishment of modern enterprise system is the need for enterprises to adapt to international competition. The basic requirements of modern enterprise system are: clear property rights, clear rights and responsibilities, separation of government and enterprises, management. Finally, it comes to the science of post-sale service. To establish a modern enterprise system means to adopt new thinking and implement new methods from the aspects of enterprise legal person system, management system, decision-making procedures, resource allocation, business strategy, income distribution, including the construction of enterprise culture and spiritual civilization. Therefore, in order to take the initiative after China's entry into the WTO, we must optimize the organizational structure of enterprises, eliminate a number of backward enterprises, and establish an enterprise system that meets the needs of openness, liberalization and trade and fierce international market competition through "three reforms and one strengthening". We should pay special attention to strengthening enterprise management, pay attention to management innovation, vigorously promote the innovation of enterprise organization system, employment system, distribution system and incentive mechanism through the establishment, improvement and perfection of post system, cost accounting system, quality veto system and behavior constraint system, actively use modern management theory to increase the supervision and management of enterprise production, supply, marketing, people, finance, materials and other aspects, optimize the management team and improve the management quality, Give full play to the enthusiasm of managers. In terms of management system and operation mechanism, we should fully reflect the principle of "simplification and efficiency", act in strict accordance with economic laws and market rules, strive to improve decision-making level and efficiency, and improve the comprehensive management level of enterprises

-- accelerate the pace of technological innovation with an updated mechanism. Technology is the life of enterprises, and innovation is the soul of enterprises. The market competition in the new century is mainly the competition of scientific and technological strength, which is mainly reflected in the technological innovation ability of enterprises. Domestic packaging enterprises should widely adopt new information, promote new technology, apply new technology, develop new products, and speed up the improvement of ability and competitiveness, so as to have an advantage in the competition. In particular, we should pay attention to the innovation of scientific and technological development mechanism, strengthen the cooperation and coordination among production, learning and research, strengthen the participation of production factors such as technology and management in income distribution, establish and improve the incentive mechanism and restraint mechanism of income distribution, enhance the awareness of scientific and technological competition, strive to improve the ability of technological innovation and product development, implement technological innovation, and practically innovate in development and develop in innovation

-- participate in market competition with better quality. Product quality is the life, soul and core of an enterprise. Good product quality is a powerful weapon to participate in market competition. Only when an enterprise has excellent quality can it compete and develop. Domestic packaging enterprises should firmly establish the concept of "quality first", establish and improve the quality assurance system, solidly carry out comprehensive quality management activities, strive to improve the business and technical level of product quality, improve after-sales service measures, consolidate the quality foundation, constantly adjust the product structure, speed up the optimization and upgrading of product structure, develop high-quality and high-grade products, pay attention to brand cultivation, and win users with high-quality famous brands, Occupy the market

-- develop the domestic market with more appropriate marketing strategies. After joining the WTO, we are required to pay attention to the development of the international market and reduce the impact caused by the massive penetration of foreign products. Domestic packaging enterprises should change the concept of "emphasizing production and neglecting sales", strengthen marketing, and organize qualified personnel to research 7 According to the process performance, the testing machine can be divided into cup process Spring. Bend Research and develop the market by changing the experimental machine of wire rod. We should be market-oriented, make full use of the information market, accurately grasp the changes in the consumption structure of domestic and foreign markets, organize professionals to conduct in-depth research and scientific prediction on the domestic and foreign market conditions, consumption orientation, and consumer shopping mentality, and fully understand the trade policies and quality regulations of trading countries, so as to provide a reliable basis for business decisions. It is also necessary to introduce and cultivate a group of salesmen who understand foreign trade and international economic and technological cooperation through various channels and channels and in various forms, so that products can enter the international market as much as possible through their active and effective work. We should also actively establish modern marketing methods, promote the innovation of marketing system, and form the scale effect of market development

-- promote capital operation with higher efficiency. Capital operation is a brand-new economic phenomenon produced in the practice of developing socialist market economy. Compared with the operation of production and operation, it is a higher-level operation mode. The implementation of capital operation can be conducive to the optimal allocation of assets, the optimization of structure, the rapid development and maturity of large groups, and the exchange of the smallest reform results for the largest income. At present, due to various reasons, many enterprises in China's packaging industry have stopped production and closed down, and a large number of assets are idle. Doing a good job in capital operation and revitalizing the stock of enterprises is the only way to participate in market competition. Domestic packaging enterprises should actively carry out the strategic reorganization of the packaging industry in combination with the development and changes of their own conditions and external environment, increase the pace of reform and adjustment, do something and do nothing, and improve the overall competitiveness of the industry. We should boldly take the forms of reorganization, combination, merger, leasing, contracting, divestiture, separate operation, joint-stock transformation and sale to revitalize capital and improve efficiency. By absorbing increment, joint venture and joint operation, transferring stock, joint-stock operation, transfer and linkage, cooperative development and other ways, we should adjust the stock assets of enterprises, improve the capital structure of enterprises, and improve the operating efficiency of assets. The adverse criticism of products on brands will accumulate strength for the development of enterprises, Add vitality

-- support enterprise development with better talent groups. People are the most active factor in productivity. The survival and development of enterprises cannot be separated from the support of high-quality talent groups. Domestic packaging enterprises should strive to build a mechanism for all kinds of talents to stand out, speed up the training of high-tech talents and applied talents, and achieve the goal of being eager to attract talents, employing people regardless of style, educating people through various channels, and treating people sincerely. We should not only dare to use "strange people" and pay attention to "new people", but also recruit "foreigners" with poor accuracy according to the needs of screw rods, and enable "experts". We should make great efforts to cultivate all kinds of innovative talents, and strive to cultivate compound high-quality talents who are innovative, forward-looking, entrepreneurial, good at development, and understand both technology and economy and market. We should establish an employment mechanism with superior and inferior talents, and encourage existing talents to develop their maximum potential

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