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How about the function of Xiaodu at home 1C flat panel smart speaker? Start to experience the evaluation experience

this Xiaodu at home 1C flat-panel smart speaker is recommended by the evaluation, and the grass is planted behind it. This Xiaodu at home 1C flat-panel smart speaker has been used for a period of time, and the sharing experience is as follows:

first, Xiaodu at home 1C flat-panel smart speaker real experience experience experience:

Xiaodu at home 1C flat-panel smart speaker at first glance feel good texture It took me a while to evaluate it, which is really very convenient. Children also like it very much. They can play music when they are free. There are all kinds of TV they like. Children can also participate in global resource allocation abroad at home, which is an important way to obtain scarce minerals. It's reassuring that they can video anytime, anywhere

Xiaodu at home 1C more user comments "; Xiaodu at home 1c quotation and comments

II. Xiaodu at home 1C flat panel smart sound can give full play to its aerodynamic performance, weight and acoustic advantages. Box price:

Xiaodu at home 1C flat panel smart sound AI video voice control home full screen Baidu Xiaodu robot

[at sales price] 499.00 yuan

[post coupon price] 399.00 yuan


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III Configuration parameters of Xiaodu at home 1C flat panel smart Speaker:

Product Name: Xiaodu Xiaodu at home 1C

brand: Xiaodu

model: Xiaodu at home 1C

place of origin: Chinese Mainland

Province: Shanghai

City: Shanghai

Channel: 2.0

Bluetooth version: 2.0

Color Classification: red wine red light gray dark gray transparent

package type: official standard configuration

receiving distance: 10m and below

power supply Method: power supply

shell material: plastic

operating system: Android system

connection method: Wi Fi connection

speaker adjustment method: touch voice control

language: Simplified Chinese

time of market:

function: voice prompt video call

language assistant system: Baidu

microphone array: 3

content source: Baidu music Himalaya FM dragonfly fm

IV Other users of Xiaodu at home 1C flat panel smart speaker commented:

1. I opened it as soon as I received it. At first, I asked customer service for something I didn't understand. Now I use it very well, with a good appearance and very sensitive response. My baby likes it very much when I see it. It saves the ability to do things. It's great

2. The 1C version of Xiaodu at home that I bought for my daughter has arrived for two days. On the night of her arrival, my daughter can't wait to open it and watch it. No matter listening to songs or watching TV dramas, as long as you speak clearly, your reaction ability is also good, the picture is relatively clear, and the sound quality is also good. It's good to give gifts to the elderly and children. Cosmetics are relatively convenient to use

3. What I bought is red. It's super beautiful. It's suitable for little girls. Xiao Du reacts quickly and answers fluently. He can tell stories to children, sing songs, and wake her up. He is a little partner and a little teacher. He applauds Xiao Du. The customer service staff is very good

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