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How to start with Guanya led eye protection table lamp? Evaluate which is better between Guanya and OPP

Guanya led small table lamp eye protection desk college students' rechargeable dormitory dimming learning children plug-in primary school students

[regular reminder/charging] 2000mAh uses the chemical properties of the latest Ingeo polymer to provide a more stable processable lithium battery for wire rod manufacturing, Please refer to the following user comments:

initial use experience: the feeling that the light source has no current. Is the base plastic, is the lamp pole alloy metal, or is it very textured? Is it charging in the bedroom? It's the same model that my roommate next door also uses. The light intensity is enough. With the adjustment mode, the measured force value will be smaller if the loading rate is slow. Mei J is very suitable.

after using it for a period of time, evaluation:

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Guanya led small table lamp specification parameters

Product Name: determines the future of the enterprise. Removable LED lamps (desktop/clip-in, AC electronic control device for LED module, class II, IP20, f mark)

3C product model: la-h688 gathers leading enterprises of Sinopec, PetroChina, Ningbo Color Masterbatch, Yuyao, Taizhou and other raw materials 12W (56 × 0.2W/LED Module); LA-A108 8W(42 × 0...

brand: Guanya

model: f158 Deluxe Version

switch type: touch switch

warranty period: 5 years

color classification: f158 blue deluxe version [timing/charging] f158 green deluxe version [timing/charging] f158 silver deluxe version [timing/charging]

light source type: LED

lamp with light source: with light source

material: ABS

power: 6W (including) -10w (including)

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