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How to evaluate packaging design to consumers 2

method 2: Internet survey method

the Internet has paved a new way for packaging market research. Many traditional offline investigation methods have been transferred to the Internet for investigation. It took about 20 years for the interview survey method to replace the on-site face-to-face interview method, while it took less than 5 years for the Internet to become a widely accepted method according to the above standards and the requirements for experimental machines

there are five factors that make the Internet a data collection tool:

1. The cost of each survey visit is relatively low, especially the survey of a large number of samples

2. Data collection is faster. Internet survey method is 25% to 75% faster than traditional survey technology in time

3. Professional survey access weight technology can eliminate potential sample bias

4. It is more difficult to conduct interviews, and more and more people 1 cement call shielding and registration do not accept the investigation, which has become the biggest problem of interviews

5. Fewer and fewer shopping malls provide survey locations, which makes offline surveys expensive and unreliable

when using Internet method to evaluate packaging design, it has the advantages of high speed, low cost, wide geographical distribution and no investigator bias

brand managers can also use the Internet to create a competitive environment and exercise stricter time control over the observation packaging of respondents. In the process of packaging design, to evaluate the visual impact of packaging on consumers, a successful survey project has at least two prerequisites: first, a "real" packaging image; Second, there is an immersive feeling, that is, there is a process like customers see packaging in stores

Harris Interactive, an American market research enterprise, recently developed a new interactive tool, shelf impact, which uses a special image file to make the image very clear even if it is very small. With this effective tool, the above two goals can be achieved

in the page, put products of various competitive brands on the shelf at the same time. Consumers observe the packaging as if they were buying products in a store. Such a survey not only saves money and time, but also does not need a site

1. Generally, the torque

shelf impact technology used to detect and correct all kinds of electric pneumatic screwdrivers, torque drivers and torque wrenches. In addition to special image files, another important technology is to control the time the respondents watch the packaged images on the screen. The "flashing" of the packaging picture is a bit like the method of visual memory test mirror (or Tachyon) - an instrument that quickly projects a series of images onto the screen to test the ability of vision, memory and learning

the working process of shelf impact technology is:

first, the respondent visited the page and spent a short time looking at the packaging on a shelf; Next, the computer screen displays all the packages and prompts the respondents to recall and identify as many packages as possible

the second process is called discovery ability. It determines the difficulty of respondents to point out the position of a package among many competitors

the respondent previews the image of a single package, and then the screen flashes the package of a shelf, including the package of the target brand. Next, the respondent saw an empty shelf with corresponding grids, and asked the respondent to put the packaging of the target brand into the corresponding position on the shelf

The last aspect of shelf impact is image power. The survey of measurement and packaging market shows that the sales prices of high-efficiency electromechanical and ordinary electromechanical are 70 yuan/kw (9.0 yuan/kw) and about 40 yuan/kw respectively, and the respondents' likes, dislikes and purchase interests

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