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How to face the "cold reality" in China's mold industry

in recent years, Chinese mold enterprises have been impacted by the global financial crisis to varying degrees. Luo Baihui, head of the international mold and plastic hardware industry suppliers association, pointed out that Chinese mold enterprises should face up to this cold reality, actively face the current difficulties, calmly analyze the situation, formulate strategies, adjust the structure, and quickly make corresponding adjustments and take positive measures to adapt to the current situation in terms of contracting business, production and operation, equipment investment, improvement and technological transformation with the task situation, financing and loans in the future, Tide over difficulties

1. Pay close attention to industry trends, sales situation and policy trends

we should pay close attention to the recent national policies. For example, recently, in order to expand domestic demand, improve living standards, stimulate consumption, stimulate production, and promote steady and rapid economic growth, the state invested 15billion and implemented policy subsidies. In addition to the nationwide promotion of "home appliances to the countryside", the "steel and automobile revitalization plan" policy will be introduced soon, which will undoubtedly bring good news to the home appliance, steel and automobile industries

2. Form an alliance, professional division of labor, help each other and tide over the difficulties

under the cold current of the current financial crisis, all mold enterprises should strengthen communication and understanding than ever before, and the increase in deformation will soon eliminate the estrangement, ignore past grievances, enhance the internal unity of the industry, help each other and tide over the difficulties. On the basis of mutual trust, enterprises gradually build an integrity system, strengthen cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, and gradually form tactical combinations and strategic alliances. Enterprises can undertake business in the name of the alliance, and carry out professional division of labor through consultation according to the situation of enterprises and their respective characteristics. In this way, we can not only avoid vicious competition, reduce internal friction and safeguard the interests of enterprises, but also give full play to the respective advantages of enterprises to develop their strengths and avoid weaknesses. This form of alliance is also conducive to integrating resources, realizing sharing, avoiding repeated investment, reducing investment risks and improving equipment utilization. Of course, some enterprises can also establish the form of "collaborative processing" for cooperation. In addition, if conditions permit, the merger shall be carried out on a voluntary basis

3. Strengthen information construction and realize modern enterprise management

China's mold enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, which have grown up from workshop or family enterprises. Up to now, many private enterprises are still workshop and extensive management models. This backward management level and means has seriously hampered the development of enterprises, and can not adapt to the current highly competitive mold market. Especially in the current severe economic situation, it must have a rapid response mechanism and adaptability. It is difficult to achieve without a set of advanced information management system. Entrepreneurs should clearly realize that in today's information age, only through the application of information and networking technology can they help enterprises standardize the management of internal business processes, strengthen the management of suppliers and develop supply channels, minimize the production costs and procurement costs of enterprises, and constantly improve the modern management level and operation efficiency of enterprises, so as to take the initiative in the market and seize the first opportunity

4. Go abroad, face the emerging international mold market, and explore new business areas

under the current severe economic situation, mold enterprises should take the initiative to strengthen contact and communication with upstream product manufacturers, get familiar with and understand their needs, and actively strive to obtain mold tasks. For some mold enterprises with strong strength and strong technical force, don't just focus on the domestic low-end mold market, but rely on their own advantages, position themselves on high-end molds, and support products of internationally famous brands, which greatly reduces their competitors, while obtaining long-term stable customers and better benefits, and also accelerates the localization process of imported molds

in addition to undertaking the molds of domestic joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises, we also need to broaden our horizons, go abroad and look for new business opportunities. Enterprises can contact and communicate with the commercial offices of consulates of various countries through the association to understand their needs for molds and negotiate. The association can also organize groups to participate in international famous mold exhibitions abroad (such as some international famous brand exhibitions such as Hannover, Frankfurt, Germany), publicize and introduce the image and strength of the enterprise, and negotiate on site. Some enterprises get foreign orders at the exhibition

in addition, enterprises can also timely understand the needs of foreign enterprises for molds through network information, and sign contracts through contact and negotiation, which is also an effective way to obtain foreign orders without going abroad

in addition, affected by the financial crisis, some mold enterprises at home and abroad have closed down and closed down one after another, which makes some foreign enterprises turn their eyes to the Chinese mold market, which has considerable strength and low price, in order to pursue lower costs. This is undoubtedly a good news and opportunity for domestic mold enterprises

however, it is not easy for mold enterprises to enter the international market, which has a great impact on human health. To win in the highly competitive market, they must first win with quality. Of course, there are many factors such as price, production cycle, aftercare services and so on. In the final analysis, enterprises should constantly improve their core competitiveness in order to stand firm and invincible in the changing economic situation

5. Pay attention to the cultivation of people and give full play to the role of talents in enterprises

affected by the financial crisis, some enterprises have been cancelled due to signed contracts, resulting in insufficient tasks, production reduction and suspension, etc. as an entrepreneur, he should calmly analyze the situation, and do not take a simple and negative layoff approach in order to save expenses and reduce costs because of the current temporary difficulties, Instead, we should take all kinds of positive measures to retain talents, try to stabilize people's hearts, preserve strength, prevent brain drain, and wait for economic recovery. In addition, enterprises should also pay close attention to the spare time of production, train employees, practice their internal skills, and improve the quality of employees, so as to facilitate the fight again

every discerning entrepreneur is soberly aware that the prosperity and sustainable development of an enterprise are inseparable from high-quality talents. In the final analysis, market competition is talent competition. How to attract, retain, use and cultivate talents is the concern of our entrepreneurs. Don't easily drain talents in this financial crisis. Instead, we should actively seek talents to reserve talents for the improvement of the economic situation and production development in the future

6. Help small and medium-sized enterprises solve the problem of difficult loans

due to the current severe economic situation, some small and medium-sized enterprises generally lack of business volume, the prepayment decreases, the accounts receivable increases, and it is difficult to withdraw funds. The shortage of funds has become increasingly apparent, affecting the normal production of enterprises. The association is also helping small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the problem of loans and strive for the cooperation and support of the government and banks

in addition, enterprises should broaden their horizons, take the initiative, face emerging international markets, explore new business areas, look for business opportunities in the crisis, minimize the losses caused by the financial crisis, and take a positive attitude that biodegradable plastics used in food packaging account for more than 70% to meet the economic recovery

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