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How to face the Internet economy in the packaging and food machinery industry in just a few years, Internet has changed from a strange term to a trend and fashion. It is understood that the global users will reach 1billion in 2005. Because it has a huge and rapidly developing audience, it is naturally favored by businesses. They have set up websites on it for information release, purchase and sales, after-sales service, etc. The total volume of global e-commerce transactions is expected to increase from US $207.5 billion in 1999 to US $7.29 trillion in 2004, accounting for 7% of the total global sales (US $105 trillion). China's packaging and food machinery industry is very suitable for trade due to its own characteristics, "Electronic operation "It is challenging traditional sales.

accelerating the informatization process

according to the survey of the national packaging enterprise network and e-commerce development by the China Packaging Network Management Center, 35% of the packaging enterprises often use the Internet; 15% of the enterprises regularly clean the experimental machines and build Internet stations; 10% of the enterprises have internal e-commerce or marketing management computer systems; 60% of the enterprises think they need e-commerce services, and in 2 In 2001, more than 40% of enterprises used e-commerce platforms, all of which showed the broad prospects of e-commerce in China's packaging industry

Gongjingqiang, deputy director of China Packaging Network Management Center, pointed out that in the face of the challenges of network economy, the center proposed to transform and upgrade traditional industries with electronic information technology, actively and rapidly improve the two management networks of information service and industry management based on China packaging, and establish an e-commerce network for packaging product sales and material procurement and supply

search, there are nearly 10 stations related to packaging and food machinery in China, and the services provided mainly include: Publishing packaging product supply and demand information on, establishing internet sites for enterprises, trade matching, trading services, etc. The main business forms are internal circulation and external payment

director Gong Jingqiang believes that in reality, the strategic goal of packaging informatization should be to build a packaging informatization system that is unified with the process of packaging modernization, and build a new pattern of education, scientific research and services that is compatible with packaging modernization and sustainable development. Packaging informatization is an important part of technological progress and innovation in the packaging industry, a key factor in promoting packaging modernization, and an important part of the world's packaging informatization

the brand of the industry station should be launched

in November 1999, the China Packaging Technology Association put forward the slogan of "meeting the information age, accelerating the process of industry informatization and promoting the development of packaging industry" at the "first international packaging information conference" held in Beijing, established the China Packaging Management Center, created the "China Packaging" (), and carried out the "engineering activities on packaging enterprises", And carried out the construction of "China Packaging decision-making and central sites of provincial and municipal packaging associations"

there are also comprehensive stations in the packaging and food machinery industry, such as China Light Industry Machinery Association (), China packaging and decoration printing industry association (), national plastic processing industry information center (), paper industry (), China Packaging News (), China plastic packaging (), China Packaging market (), and many food industry stations have also carried out mechanical related information systems

although there are not many stations in this industry, it cannot be said to be very mature from the aspects of operation to profit. Only a few stations have opened up industry reports from the perspective of information alone. From the perspective of its content, most of them are the collection and collation of newspaper and magazine information. From the perspective of the amount of e-commerce developed, they are still browsing on the Internet and trading off the stage, which is one of the reasons why the stations are not profitable

no one will deny that in the long run, the implementation of e-commerce is the inevitable way for the future development of enterprises. All kinds of signs show that the lag in understanding is a major obstacle to the development of e-commerce, and it is also an important reason why many Chinese enterprises can't get rid of losses for a long time. The world has entered the information age, and the brand of the industry comprehensive station must be launched. Just like Sohu and Sina and other popular stations, its brand has become an important factor for them to attract an increase in audience, as has the industry station

enterprises explore new marketing models

director Gong Jingqiang believes that the development of network economy has fundamentally broken the framework of the traditional industrial operation mode. An enterprise is no longer all producers of products, and the rapid and effective cooperation between enterprises will become the most basic form of economic operation in the future. The socialized division of labor will be more and more detailed, and the level of specialization will be higher and higher, Networks provide good technical conditions for the establishment of such strategic alliances among enterprises. In view of the current situation of information technology development in the packaging industry, it is suggested that enterprises should, on the one hand, strengthen their own information construction and joint development work, and integrate the traditional marketing mode with online marketing as soon as possible. On the other hand, they should make full use of the existing public e-commerce platform to carry out product supply and demand information release, enterprise e-commerce station construction and other work, and use the Internet to explore new business partners and organizational business management processes, Improve the product and service level of enterprises

an employee of a foreign packaging enterprise told that the company's meetings and business negotiations between colleagues are all exchanged on the Internet. He thought that this kind of communication is faster and more convenient. At the same time, it is also conducive to the management of the whole company. Think about it, the work communication between you and your colleagues is silent, and it may be very monotonous, but "talking into the computer" is not more conducive to the preservation and transnational negotiation

in the interview, an old engineer in his 60s was very happy about the convenience and quickness of Internet. He said that he published some sales information of mechanical products on Internet, but he didn't expect to receive the consultation of dozens of households across the country with portal structure corresponding to single arm structure a few days later, so he can sell products at home

It is estimated that the annual export volume can reach 20000 tons

on August 3, the Guangzhou Software Industry Development Conference was held at Zhongshan Memorial Hall. Wang Xingao, chairman of Guangdong Light Industrial Machinery Group Co., Ltd., delivered a speech entitled "enterprise informatization promotes information industrialization". Chairman Wang pointed out that Guangdong Light Industrial Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise in Guangzhou to carry out enterprise informatization, and it is also an enterprise that cooperates with many universities and research institutes to carry out informatization at the same time. As early as 1987, the company established a computer information center to cultivate and maintain a highly skilled informatization team. It has worked closely with Tsinghua University, central China Institute of technology, Tangshan Group Technology Research Institute of the former Ministry of light industry, etc. to develop cad/cam, MIS and other application systems; The light industrial machinery computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) developed by the enterprise computer center as the main force achieved success at one stroke. It passed the acceptance hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Commission in 1999. It is the only system that has passed the acceptance of the 863 expert group in the only three national CIMS application demonstration projects in Guangzhou at present, and has done a lot of basic research work for the popularization and application of information technology in Guangzhou enterprises

"Guangqing" has achieved fruitful results and achieved good economic benefits in its efforts to promote the application of informatization. The company adopts advanced computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided production process technology (CAPP) to shorten the preparation cycle and manufacturing cycle of product development technology by about 30%. The application of MPR system can effectively reduce inventory, reduce capital occupation by about 9million yuan, and improve productivity by 10%. The CIMS project fully implemented by the company provides valuable experience for the technological transformation and technological innovation of large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises. The hydraulic universal testing machine is one of the products with large volume and wide range in the industry, which has been popularized and produced good social benefits. The MIS system won the second prize of the scientific and technological progress award of the former Ministry of light industry and the first prize of the achievement of modernization of enterprise management in Guangdong Province. "Guangqing" has also made remarkable achievements in the development and application of CAD technology, and was jointly awarded the honorary title of "national advanced unit of CAD application engineering" by the State Science and Technology Commission, the state electronics office and the State Bureau of technical supervision

while striving to realize enterprise informatization, "Guangqing" is also committed to promoting information industrialization. In the early 1990s, the group company established Zhongwang Business Machine Co., Ltd. in the form of joint-stock with Hong Kong Zhongwang Company, which made an effective attempt for traditional enterprises to enter the high-tech industry. This year, the company established Guangzhou debaoyi information work Co., Ltd. in a joint venture with Electromechanical group and Guangzhou Productivity Promotion Center, incubating a new entity again. In the near future, the company will undertake the CAD application technology promotion project of Guangzhou manufacturing enterprises, and in the medium term, it will start the application of advanced manufacturing technology means such as rapid prototype manufacturing, rapid precision tooling, reverse engineering, etc., to provide long-term and stable integrated technical services for the promotion and Application of information technology in small and medium-sized enterprises

facing the international competitive environment, the challenges of international large enterprises, and the impact of the network economy, are enterprises ready to take up the weapon of informatization

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