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Bayer, Dow and DDE are under antitrust investigation

recently, Bayer and DDE, a joint venture between Dow Chemical and DuPont, revealed that they are cooperating with relevant departments to conduct antitrust investigations on chemical enterprises. It is said that the investigation on the price control behavior of chemical enterprises has been extended to the world

it is reported that investigators in the United States and Europe are looking for evidence to prove that 6 or 7 chemical raw materials used in plastics, polyurethane, rubber and synthetic materials in the markets of the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan are related to price control. This represents the expansion of the scope of price control investigation in the chemical industry in the past two years

Dow Chemical and DuPont are the two largest chemical enterprises in the United States. Their joint venture DDE has received a subpoena last year, suspecting that they violated the antitrust law in the synthetic rubber market. They have been under investigation since the parts and components that may become loose during the operation of the 2 experimental machine, including the control of prices

Bayer spokesperson said, "this is not new. It stems from the investigation of the joint activities of enterprises in the rubber related industry. Since the autumn of 2002, Bayer has been involved in this case. We have been fully cooperating with the investigators." Bayer did not comment on the Wall Street report in any detail, but said that it would cooperate with relevant authorities and government agencies. He said that as the case was under way, he did not want to comment on the relevant reports

however, a DuPont spokesman responded and commented, saying that he did not know any new chemicals had been included in the review list, nor did he know any new official agencies had been involved in the investigation. In the first quarter, DuPont has provided 150million US dollars jg/t5103 (1) 998 for the estimated losses caused by the antitrust investigation, and they will allocate a certain amount in the second quarter

Bayer also established relevant financial regulations last year, with an estimated total cost of more than 110million euros

Lawyers close to the case said that at least four justices conducted investigations in San Francisco in this investigation, and the products of this investigation are widely used in plastics, polyurethane and synthetic rubber materials

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