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Bauma2007: Zoomlion's exhibition product sales performance is remarkable

bauma2007: Zoomlion's exhibition product sales performance is remarkable

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Guide: in the afternoon of April 26, the seven day Bauma exhibition in Germany was just over half, and several domestic and foreign media took pains to visit the Zoomlion exhibition hall to jointly prove the marriage ceremony of all Zoomlion's exhibition products. Zhang Jianguo, the executive president of Zoomlion, handed over the keys of 8 products to Russian arm enterprises

in the afternoon of April 26, just over half of the seven day Bauma exhibition in Germany, several domestic and foreign media took great pains to visit the exhibition hall of Zoomlion and jointly "prove marriage" for the "marriage" ceremony of all participating products of Zoomlion. At the moment when Zhang Jianguo, the executive president of Zoomlion, handed over the keys of 8 participating products to Russian arm enterprise representatives, all participating products of Zoomlion were officially sold out, and 10 "married women" will be sent to Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkey after the exhibition, giving full play to the excellent performance and quality given by Zoomlion

three days before the exhibition, the tc7030b tower crane and zr220a rotary drilling rig exhibited by Zoomlion were settled in Azerbaijan and Turkey respectively. On the fourth day of the exhibition, the Indian agent authorization ceremony of Zoomlion truck crane had just ended, and the delivery ceremony of 8 other exhibited products, such as truck crane, concrete pump truck, concrete pump, distributor, roller and grader, was lightly loaded, Champagne glasses brimming with joy were passed on among representatives of Zoomlion and Russian arm enterprises. The smiles of on-site personnel condensed in the lens, and the confidence of long-term friendly cooperation grew and flourished in the hearts of Zoomlion and arm enterprise representatives

Russian arm company became the agent of Zoomlion in 2003. For three years, arm actively promoted the brand and products of Zoomlion in the Russian market, made a breakthrough in the construction machinery market, and has made the most powerful progress in independent research and development and technical solutions in China year-on-year, with remarkable achievements. Talking about the status of Zoomlion brand and products in Russia, the representative of arm enterprise looked relaxed and smiled. He believed that Chinese products were active in Russia, with strong market competitiveness to form a highly rigid portal frame structure, and they were confident in the prospects of cooperation with Zoomlion. They were willing to work together with Zoomlion to create a broader development space for Zoomlion brand in the Russian market

the domestic media present are proud of the Chinese construction machinery enterprises because of the rapid development and excellent performance of Zoomlion. They are convinced that in the face of fierce competition in the international market, Zoomlion will quickly occupy a place in the international market and continue to expand its territory by virtue of its integrity and persistent corporate culture, excellent product market performance, increasingly improved overseas market sales and service network, and try to compete with the world's first-class enterprises on the competitive stage of the world's 9504 pure electric vehicles

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