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Bayer develops metal embedded high-performance resin

Pittsburgh news, smaller, thinner, lighter - these are the main goals of designers to create the latest products for the consumer electronics market. Bayer materials technology (BMS) recently launched the new makroblendut5205 polycarbonate/polyester resin material, which gives designers enough freedom to meet customers' needs for compact and elegant equipment in daily life

Bayer materials technology's new makroblend& mainly used as a filler reg; Ut5205 resin is designed to solve the engineering barrier that only selecting the appropriate experimental machine can meet the measurement requirements in gold, which is embedded in the molding process. Gerald dibattista, electrical/electronic polycarbonate design business manager of Bayer materials technology, pointed out that products can be manufactured by metal embedding molding process, which is a simple way to inject plastic around the metal skeleton. This metal provides accurate pendulum torque; The rigidity required by the components is reduced, while plastic can provide complex transformation process for durability, high gloss polishing or other required aesthetic appearance, such as contour, etc. if these features are achieved only with metal, it will be very difficult and expensive

metals and plastics have different linear thermal expansion coefficients, and the degree of expansion and contraction of plastics is higher than that of metals. Therefore, the metal embedding molding process itself exerts stress on the parts, so that the plastic can shrink around the metal during the cooling process. Makroblendut5205 resin is designed to reduce the stress of these in the molding process and daily heating and cooling cycles (such as equipment placed in hot or cold cars), so as to ensure that the final parts can withstand daily wear

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