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Bayer: introduce six synthetic leather production lines recently, Bayer materials technology signed an agreement with Lishui municipal government, Zhejiang Province, to introduce six water-based synthetic leather production lines in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, and work with Lishui municipal government to jointly promote the transformation of the synthetic leather industry to water-based green

Li Xilin, vice president of Greater China of Bayer materials technology coatings, adhesives and special chemicals business department, said: "this time, we can reach an agreement with Lishui municipal government on the production line of water-based synthetic leather, which is a solid step on our road to promote water-based synthetic leather. We are deeply honored to contribute to the sustainable development of Lishui."

caixiaohua, vice mayor of Lishui municipal government, said, "Bayer Material Technology is famous all over the world in innovation, quality and environmental awareness. We are very happy to reach a strategic cooperation with Bayer Material Technology. This cooperation is also an important step on the road to green and environmental protection in Lishui. We are convinced that the development of Lishui synthetic leather industry will go to a higher level."

at the signing ceremony of the agreement, Bayer materials technology also donated Bayer's recently launched "global warming children's cartoon album" - what's the matter with the earth? - why does spring come so early "to the students of the first primary school and the second primary school in Lishui Economic Development Zone. This book aims to teach children the causes and basic laws of climate change and learn to respect nature and biology through experiential, participatory and multidisciplinary approaches. Education on sustainable environment can not only enhance children's knowledge and understanding of ecology, but also enable children to improve their understanding of the impact of climate change from the awareness of the weakening of the domestic coke spot market and behavior, so that they can develop the concept of low-carbon life from an early age. Li Xilin commented, "environmental protection is a cause that needs to be started with dolls. Bayer actively promotes and improves the public's awareness of environmental protection, and pays special attention to cultivating the environmental protection concept of the younger generation. Here, I hope the children of Lishui can learn about environmental protection from books, so as to jointly make the sky and water of Lishui bluer and greener." In addition to the children's album, Bayer's "green seed program" and the water plan business planning competition in cooperation with Peking University, these activities are designed to encourage the young generation to enhance their awareness of environmental protection and take action to protect the environment

Bayer materials technology has always been committed to promoting the raw materials of water-based coatings and adhesives by forced ventilation balance temperature regulation in China. In addition to helping China's coatings and adhesives industry to continuously improve its competitiveness, Bayer is also committed to providing strong support in environmental protection. In 2009, the Chinese water-based platform spontaneously organized by Bayer, DSM and other enterprises was officially established. Li Xilin believes that the "water-based platform" will make more efforts to accelerate the transformation of China's industrial coatings, adhesives and other markets from traditional solvent based products to water-based products in the future. In terms of performance, whether it is architectural emulsion paint or waterborne industrial paint, water-based technology can meet the needs of performance. The project in Lishui is a milestone in Bayer's promotion of water-based products. In addition to being convenient and fast, Bayer also strengthened brand cooperation and jointly discussed with Chinese brand joint partners the significance of environmental friendly coatings and adhesives products for China's long-term sustainable development and the future path of brand joint cooperation mode. At present, the partners include koala coating Co., Ltd., Beijing Huateng engineering new materials Co., Ltd., United coating Co., Ltd., Donglai coating technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Shichuang Chemical Co., Ltd. and Jiangmen Sifang Weikai Fine Chemical Co., Ltd

at the same time, Bayer materials technology also actively communicates with customers. At the adhesive exhibition held in Shanghai recently, Bayer and its partners brought innovative technologies and materials to the Chinese market. A large part of water-based adhesives are used in the footwear industry. At the K exhibition in Germany this year, ecotrekker, a green environmental protection concept shoe developed by Bayer, adopted the solvent-free/plasticizer free textile coating and adhesive raw materials and technology developed by Bayer. The global emission of organic solvents from traditional shoe adhesives and textile coatings can be reduced by about 150000 tons

at present, China's demand for green and environmental protection products is increasing. In order to meet the market demand for raw materials of environmental protection coatings, a set of polyurethane dispersion production device with an annual capacity of 20000 tons has been put into operation in Bayer Shanghai integration base in September 2008, providing environmental protection raw materials for coatings and coatings in China's built-in Asia Pacific region. Mr. Li Xilin said, "sustainable development is the core of Bayer brand and the primary consideration in all our business activities in China. Through our environmentally friendly products and solutions, we firmly believe that we can continue to make our contribution to China's realization of its environmental protection goals."

about Bayer materials technology:

Bayer materials technology is one of the largest polymer production companies in the world, with sales of 7.52 billion euros in 2009 (continuous operation). Its business scope mainly focuses on the manufacturing of high-tech polymer materials and the development of innovative solutions that will play an increasingly important role in automotive lightweight in many fields of daily life. The industries served mainly include: automobile industry, electronic and electrical industry, construction industry, sports and leisure industry. By the end of 2009, Bayer materials technology had 30 production bases and about 14300 employees around the world. Bayer materials technology belongs to Bayer Group Company

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