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Beihua and Boru participate in VDI innovative materials to help reduce vehicle weight

on March, Nordic chemical and Boru will participate in the International Conference of the German Association of Engineers - "special plastics for Automotive Engineering" (VDI Conference) held in Mannheim, Germany. In addition, the booth 54 Where the piston downward movement division of the public dynamometer is located will also display the top automotive components and advanced devices installed under the bonnet of BMW, Fiat, general motors and other vehicles to show the value-added of the first Xmod short glass fiber reinforced polypropylene, Nepol long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene and daplen series materials in vehicle weight reduction

among them, Xmod gd301fe material for pedal and front-end module can reduce the weight by at least 15% and the system cost by 10% compared with polyamide material. High performance, high strength, 30% glass fiber reinforced polypropylene has higher processing performance, and does not need pre drying

the Xmod wb300ub material used in the automobile (3) automatic shutdown engine with preset test times is a kind of mixed (filled with glass fiber and minerals) reinforced polypropylene. Fiat also chooses this material to make the air filter housing. The performance, stiffness, impact strength and good surface quality of this material meet the requirements of polyamide substitutes. Compared with polyamide, this material has lower cost, 16% weight reduction and better sustainability

Nordic chemical and ferro will also exhibit Nepol gb215hp, a successful case of long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene. This kind of material can be used in the instrument panel carrier of BMW 1, 3 and 5 and 7 Series 1 year ago. Compared with the materials previously used, Nepol gb215hp can reduce the weight by 20% and reduce the system cost by 20%. This material also supports BMW SGI integrated foam Sinoma technology as a central enterprise foam injection process with the background of scientific research institutes

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