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Bayer and China jointly promote the development of polyurethane insulation in China

with the continuous deepening of China's promotion of building energy efficiency and the implementation of relevant regulations, China's building energy efficiency market is gradually entering a relatively stable period of development. The market demand for insulation systems with excellent performance, safe use and convenient construction is growing. It can be predicted that the development space of byk-c 8003 building energy-saving insulation materials and their systems will be huge in the future. Recently, Bayer materials technology and the China Academy of Building Sciences jointly developed the "spray polyurethane rigid foam curtain wall insulation system" project, which will undoubtedly promote the growing development of polyurethane rigid foam curtain wall insulation. The project has made specific scientific verification and data support on the characteristics and construction technology of polyurethane rigid foam curtain wall insulation, and also formulated the enterprise technical standard of the system. This technical standard is dominated by enterprises, which not only provides guidance for the technical development in this field, but also lays a foundation for the preparation of national industrial standards and specifications for polyurethane rigid foam curtain wall insulation system in the future

Dr. Hui Hua Qu, vice president of Bayer Materials Technology Asia Pacific polyurethane business department, said, "this cooperation has received strong support from the Chinese Academy of Building Sciences, and has also laid a solid foundation for Bayer materials technology to actively contribute to building energy conservation in China. We are convinced that Bayer materials technology's sprayed polyurethane rigid foam curtain wall insulation solution will meet today's building energy conservation needs in China."

at present, 95% of the existing buildings in China are high energy consuming buildings, and nearly 40% of the building energy consumption is lost through the external wall. To reduce building energy consumption and change the current situation of energy consumption in the industry, today we will learn about the software characteristics of this kind of equipment and improve people's understanding of building energy conservation, which needs to be solved jointly by the government, enterprises and other relevant departments. Building energy-saving insulation materials mainly include molded polystyrene board (EPS), extruded polystyrene board (XPS), sprayed polyurethane rigid foam (SPF), etc. In terms of comprehensive properties, polyurethane is the best choice at present. Referring to foreign experience, polyurethane has become the mainstream product of building energy-saving insulation materials. As a company focusing on sustainable development, Bayer materials technology has always spared no effort to promote insulation materials with excellent performance. The "sprayed polyurethane rigid foam curtain wall thermal insulation system" that the two sides cooperate this time refers to the curtain wall thermal insulation system with sprayed polyurethane rigid foam as the thermal insulation material for the external wall and keel dry hanging decorative plate for the external surface. At the same time, the system has a perfect and reliable "Lu Jun said that the fire protection structure

"this thermal insulation system has excellent thermal insulation and fire protection performance, which is safe and reliable," said Zhao Xiaolong, deputy director of the Building Materials Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Building Sciences. "In the process of cooperation, we also optimized the relevant construction technology, and strive to make the construction unit operate conveniently and quickly when using this system." The system can be used in the heat preservation and energy conservation projects of new buildings in the form of dry hanging curtain walls and the heat preservation and energy conservation transformation of existing buildings. At the same time, it is also applicable to residential buildings, public buildings and industrial buildings

in building energy conservation, heat preservation and fire prevention are the top priority of everyone's attention. Bayer materials technology's sprayed polyurethane rigid foam curtain wall insulation system has outstanding thermal insulation and fire protection functions. Since the thermal conductivity of polyurethane is 0.019~0.024w/(m.k), polyurethane is the material with the best thermal insulation performance at present, and only half of the thickness of EPS is required to reach the same energy-saving standard. It is worth mentioning that this system has excellent fire protection structure. When it comes to fire resistance, many people have some misunderstandings about the fire resistance of polyurethane rigid foam. Xuchangfeng, a technical expert of Bayer materials technology, explained: "First of all, compared with thermoplastic materials such as EPS and XPS, polyurethane rigid foam is a thermosetting material, which does not form molten droplets when exposed to fire and only generates a coke layer. At the same time, there is no structural cavity in the application of sprayed polyurethane rigid foam in construction, which blocks the flow of air, avoiding the occurrence of flashover and retarding the spread of flame. Second, the sprayed polyurethane rigid foam developed by Bayer materials technology in cooperation with China Academy of Building Sciences The curtain wall insulation system has a perfect and reliable fire protection structural design, and has successfully passed the verification of the large-scale window fire test carried out by the two units. To add, this is also the first large-scale fire test on the insulation system of sprayed polyurethane rigid foam curtain wall in the industry. "

"in the cooperation with Bayer materials technology, we deeply feel the driving force of the enterprise to continuously develop relevant building energy-saving products. As a research institute, graphene's high specific area, high conductivity and thermal conductivity can enhance the capacity (mileage) of the energy storage system (battery) In terms of charging and discharging speed, there is also such a platform to display our technical research results. On the road of building energy conservation in China, I think we will continue to cooperate, jointly implement the national energy conservation policy, and achieve the strategic goal of sustainable development in the construction field. " Zhao Xiaolong, deputy director, commented

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