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Beijing citizens can flexibly block insurance sales from August

yesterday, it was learned from the Beijing Insurance Industry Association that the sales ban platform of insurance companies prepared by the Beijing Insurance Regulatory Bureau since October last year will be tested internally next month. It is expected to be fully launched in August, and citizens will have the flexibility to choose which companies to block sales

the construction of the insurance sales ban platform is to effectively reduce the interference of insurance sales to citizens. 8. Special warning for the Beijing Insurance Industry: warning should pay attention to the high risk of the utilization or conditions performed, said Wang Xiaohe, Deputy Secretary General of the association, "The quality of the electronic universal pull machine, the sales ban platform built this time, determines that all the ban lists of customers of each e-marketing company in the current Beijing insurance market are integrated; after we summarize and share them as a whole, citizens can flexibly block the marketing of insurance companies according to their needs. That is, citizens can choose to refuse the sales of a certain insurance company or all insurance companies."

the establishment of the dial ban platform is still only aimed at the personal insurance business of Beijing telemarketing insurance company, and the sales of property insurance cannot be standardized for the time being. In order to solve the problem that many people still use telemarketing once for convenience, the Beijing Insurance Regulatory Bureau issued relevant notices regulating the exhibition behavior of life insurance marketers as early as the end of 2010, and formulated marketing business operation standards in 2011, aiming to regulate the insurance sales behavior of insurance companies from various parties. However, the problem of insurance sales disturbing residents has not been effectively solved

in response to many complaints of disturbing residents by selling insurance, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently issued the provisions on the operation and management of life insurance business (Draft for comments), which also specifically pointed out that for those customers who clearly refuse to accept sales, they should enter the list of prohibited calls, and they should not research and develop again within 6 months. We are serious about calling

it is understood that previously, the CIRC also required each insurance company to set its own prohibition list, but the prohibition period is set by its own, which is relatively short. The head of the Insurance Association said that the specific time has not been decided yet, but it will certainly not be less than six months, that is, citizens who are entered into the list of banned dials can ensure that they will not be disturbed for at least half a year. Beijing Business Daily

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