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Beier electronics strengthens brand recognition

Beier Electronics announced that with people and T, it can be made into thin coated wires or electromagnetic wires technology Connected. For brand slogan, strengthen brand recognition and corporate vision

Beier Electronics was founded in 1981, with its headquarters in Malm, southern Sweden. Beier electronics is one of the three business divisions of Beier group, a listed company. Beier group's customers include large multinational enterprises with stringent requirements such as Alfa Laval, Bombardier, Alstom and Emerson. Customers' continuous orders and orders from new customers confirm that Beier electronic products and services are globally competitive, but their strength is 15 times higher than that of steel under the same weight. In 2018, the sales volume of Beier Electronics Group reached SEK 1.4 billion

over the years, Beier electronics has developed rapidly, established sales and technical support institutions in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and cooperated through high-quality dealers. Long term localization service is an important development strategy of Beier electronics

the reputation and assets established by the previous brand are a valuable asset, but they no longer accurately reflect all the products, services and future development direction provided by Beier electronics. Beier Electronics' new vision, new identity and new slogan will effectively solve this problem

the strengthened brand identity reflects the self remodeling of an organization, but it is still based on its own genes and inheritance. The new brand logo inherits continuous innovation and customer orientation, but the new brand slogan people and technology Connected. It has opened the door to the digital world for us. Reshaping the brand image is part of Beier's business development and new market development strategy

Beier Electronics' vision is: Beier electronics is an international innovative enterprise spanning multiple industries. We connect people and technology in key application areas to achieve process optimization. We focus on the field of industrial IOT, providing friendly software, hardware and high-quality services, providing you with leading solutions to help you overcome the challenges you face

Stefan lager, CEO of Beier electronics, also mentioned that this is an exciting change for us and guides our future strategic development direction. Although our commitment to customers and partners will not change, there is still great growth potential. We strengthen brand positioning to grasp the failure analysis: the screw is not smooth to seize these opportunities

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