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Samsung released two versions of tizen smart watch gear S2 design

in the field of smart watches, Samsung Electronics' action is far ahead of apple in the United States, and has launched several styles of smart watches. On August 31, Samsung Electronics upgraded its gear s series smart watch based on its tizen operating system and launched a new gear S2, which will be divided into two versions

according to theverge, an American science and technology station, at another press conference earlier this month, Samsung Electronics executives once showed gear S2 to the public, and on August 31, Samsung officially released the product, but Samsung Electronics has not announced the price information of this watch and the specific listing date in various countries

according to media analysis, this smart watch may not be compatible with Android or apple of other companies on the market, and the device supporting connection may be Samsung Electronics' own smart watch. Samsung has not announced the specific list of supported devices

some smart watches of Samsung Electronics are equipped with Android wear operating system developed by Google (Weibo), while gear s series adopts Ti National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL) Zen operating system developed by Samsung Electronics. At present, tizen has been used in the low-cost products sold by Samsung in South Asia and smart TVs of Samsung Electronics

Samsung said that the gear S2 will be divided into two versions, one is the Standard Version, and the other is the classic version. The design of the classic version is more classic and eternal

the classic version presents a black appearance design, using the traditional leather. However, due to the rising price of raw materials and the non-standard action of a few enterprises, the watch strap. This product is positioned in the high-end market, and its competitors include apple watch and LG watch urban of LG Electronics in South Korea

the standard version uses a dark gray case with a gray strap on the car door handle, or a silver case with a white strap. Samsung Electronics also said that in the future, it will provide more standard matching styles for consumers to choose

it is reported that the dial display of gear S2 is 1.3 inches, and the screen resolution is 360x360. A desktop and return button are designed to quickly view the notification information of the smart watch

the watch has a built-in near-field communication chip (NFC), and Samsung Electronics said it would support the watch payment function in the future (it should be Samsung Electronics' own Samsung payment product)

battery life has become a weakness of the whole smart watch industry. Apple watches can only be used for one day and must be recharged, which has become a weakness. Samsung Electronics announced that the endurance of gear S2 is two to three days. In addition, Samsung also launched a wireless charging stand for this watch

this watch adopts the tizen operating system, which is separated from the smart watch application ecosystem built by Google. This has also become its biggest weakness. Users will not be able to use the rich application software developed by global developers for Android watches

Samsung said that tizen watch will also provide various basic functions through built-in software, such as personal calendar arrangement, e-mail, emergency access, health exercise monitoring, etc. Samsung said it was cooperating with developers to increase the software of tizen platform

in addition, gear S2 will also launch a configuration version that supports 3G networks. Users can use gear S2 to dial independently. It is reported that in terms of external communication, gear S2 will also be divided into two versions supporting Bluetooth and 3G

Verizon Wireless, the largest mobile operator in the United States, announced on twitter that Verizon will sell gear S2, and the specific date and price will be announced later. In addition, at & T and T-Mobile also announced similar news

relevant data shows that the memory of gear S2 is 512MB, the storage is 4GB, and a dual core 1GHz processor is used

in the field of smart watches, Samsung Electronics started early, but because the whole smart watch market has not started, Samsung's sales of smart watches are relatively flat. After Apple watch was first sold as a manual pendulum impact tester this year, although the external evaluation of product design was poor, it still relied on the great influence of Apple brand to obtain a relatively high sales volume. At present, it has ranked first in the share of smart watches

American media pointed out that Apple watches' leading sales in smart watches have brought certain pressure to Samsung Electronics and other smart watch manufacturers

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