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Samsung wants to use smart TV to develop its own tizen operating system

electronics giant Samsung has announced its plan to use tizen operating system on all smart TV products launched this year

Samsung, the electronics giant, has announced that it plans to use the tizen operating system on all smart TV products launched this year that the components of water are absorbed into hydration products

then the question comes. What is tizen? Are there many reasons for temperature error? Why does Samsung want to use this system on smart TV products? Unless you have been paying close attention to Samsung's efforts on tizen, this news seems a little confused

tizen is a mobile operating system based on open source code, which uses Linux core and WebKit to run. Tizen really became tizen in late 2011. Before that, it existed in the form of limo

although tizen technically survives under the Linux foundation, it is actually a proprietary development project of Samsung and Intel to a large extent

tizen is favored by Samsung in part because it can provide a unified operating system for a variety of devices, such as smart, tablet computers, Shangben, car news entertainment devices, and smart TVs

the interactive interface design of smart TV is sometimes very bad and puzzling. Samsung has shown a smart disc equipped with tizen operating system with a step hole TV in the center last June, and promised that the redesigned interactive interface will facilitate users to obtain content faster and easily realize the content sharing between TV and

in addition, the emergence of tizen has also given hardware manufacturers such as Samsung more platform options than Google's Android operating system

it is worth mentioning that Samsung previously announced the launch of tizen products, but the real speed to market is very slow. The intelligence equipped with tizen operating system was announced to be listed in Russia, but it was postponed many times

at present, Samsung has not only helped customers solve the environmental protection problems caused by wastewater discharge in several smart watches and a camera product, but also used tizen software. However, it seems easier to launch smart TVs using the tizen operating system than smart TVs, because users of the latter have much higher requirements for the number of applications

Samsung is not the first electronic product manufacturer to launch a smart TV platform based on mobile operating system. In February, 2013, LG, Samsung's old rival, acquired WebOS operating system from Hewlett Packard, and then integrated it into TV products. The product was shipped last summer. In addition, some TV manufacturers also use Google Android operating system as their smart TV platform

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