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Up to now, people are still willing to attribute the rise of San'an optoelectronics to two major events: one is that in 2007, Lin Xiucheng, the head of San'an optoelectronics, made an important decision related to the future of the enterprise - going public through shell; The second is the smooth implementation of capacity expansion by San'an optoelectronics, supported by the total funds raised from two non-public offerings of about 4billion yuan in 2009 and 2010

"at present, the MOCVD equipment and capacity scale owned by the company ranks first in China, the product performance index ranks first in the international advanced level, and the market share ranks first in the country." Li xuetan, Secretary of the board of directors of San'an optoelectronics, introduced in an interview with securities, "in July 2008, the company was successfully listed in the domestic A-share backdoor, and we were able to make use of the capital market to become bigger and stronger; the non-public offering was used for the development of its main business, which has rapidly expanded the company's existing business and scale, further improved its technical level, enhanced its ability of sustainable development, and increased its market share."

constantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

nowadays, San'an optoelectronics is recognized as the "leader" of the LED chip industry in mainland China, and it is one of the few enterprises that can compete with Taiwan and foreign countries. An industry researcher once described to Securities: "without San'an, the chip industry upstream of LED will have the risk of being completely controlled by foreign capital."

in the 2016 annual report, Sanan optoelectronics analyzed that since 2010, the price of LED chips has been in a downward channel, and even if it does not fall, it will not rise. In this context, whether an enterprise can make profits mainly depends on whether its own technological progress and scale advantages can be reflected, and whether the range of cost reduction can exceed the range of price reduction

although the industry is in a highly competitive environment, San'an optoelectronics does not seem to be affected by it. According to securities, from 2013 to 2016, San'an optoelectronics achieved a net profit of 1.036 billion yuan attributable to shareholders of listed companies, an increase of 27.89% year-on-year; 1.462 billion yuan, an increase of 41.15% in cooperation with teknor apex, FGH systems and a number of equipment manufacturers; 1.695 billion yuan, an increase of 15.88% year-on-year; 2.167 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.11%. In the first half of 2017, the company achieved a sales revenue of 4.067 billion yuan and a net profit of 1.515 billion yuan attributable to shareholders of listed companies

"in 2000, only a few research institutions and scientific research institutions were involved in the research of LED industry in China, and the researchers who paid attention to and participated in it were even fewer, and the industrialization was a blank." Li xuetan recalled, "it was from then on that San'an optoelectronics settled in Xiamen Special Economic Zone, resolutely entered the LED industry, and began the ice breaking journey of the localization of LED epitaxial chips."

at that time, San'an optoelectronics overcame many difficulties in plant, talent, equipment, technology and other aspects, always grasped the strategic basis of independent innovation and technology building the enterprise, one step at a time, paid equal attention to research and development and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promoted the pace of industrialization development, and constantly enhanced the core competitiveness of the enterprise. "Later, the company has been approved to set up a postdoctoral workstation and a national enterprise technology center. While introducing foreign excellent technical talents and advanced technology, the company adopts unique production processes and vigorously develops core technologies with independent intellectual property rights." Li xuetan said

it is understood that the company has undertaken dozens of national, provincial and municipal key research and industrialization transformation projects over the years. For example, the Ministry of science and technology's national "Tenth Five Year Plan" key scientific and technological research projects, the national key torch plan, "863" plan project class a projects, and the 13th five year plan of the Ministry of science and technology's key R & D projects. Among them, technologies such as "power white LED new light source manufacturing technology" have been successfully completed, and have successfully passed the expert acceptance organized by national ministries and commissions, realizing the conversion of scientific and technological achievements to production one by one, and achieving tangible economic and social benefits

the company fully replaced the import of 4-inch sapphire substrates in 2015 and 6-inch sapphire discs for integrated circuits in Japan in 2016. It has developed a graphics substrate with stable performance, high quality and low cost, laying a key foundation for the entire led and integrated circuit industry chain

rely on the capital market to become bigger and stronger

on October 11, 2007, 54.297 million shares of listed companies held by the major shareholder of S * ST Tianyi were forcibly auctioned by the court. Led by Lin Xiucheng, Fujian San'an Group invested 16.781 million yuan to acquire 45.43% equity of S * ST Tianyi, becoming the largest shareholder of Tianyi technology

in the first half of 2008, s * ST Tianyi issued 114945392 ordinary shares to Xiamen San'an Electronics Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of San'an group, to purchase assets related to the R & D, production and sales of light emitting diode (LED) epitaxial wafers and sales of San'an electronics. After the implementation of asset restructuring, at the end of June 2008, the name of the former Tianyi Technology Co., Ltd. was changed to "San'an optoelectronics Co., Ltd."

at the beginning of 2009, Lin Xiucheng boldly expanded production. Through the fund-raising project, he rebuilt a "San'an optoelectronics" in Tianjin, with a total investment of about 1billion yuan. After reaching production, the LED capacity of San'an optoelectronics doubled. In 2010, San'an optoelectronics privately issued 106 million shares, and the raised funds will continue to be used to expand LED production capacity and the development of concentrated solar energy business. After the 3billion yuan raised funds are invested in the 12billion yuan LED chip project strongly supported by Wuhu Municipal government, the production capacity of San'an optoelectronics will be expanded 10 times in the next four years

"The company makes full use of the capital market platform to become bigger and stronger. By using the funds raised from non-public offering of shares for the development of its main business, the company's existing business and scale have been rapidly expanded, the technical level has been further improved, the ability of sustainable development has been enhanced, and the market share of products has been improved. At present, the company has the largest MOCVD equipment and production capacity in China, the product performance indicators have reached the international advanced level, and the market share has been increased." Ranking first in the country. " Li xuetan introduced

there are 14 academician workstations.

on June 16, 2015, Fujian San'an Group Co., Ltd., the second largest shareholder of San'an optoelectronics announcement company, signed a share transfer agreement with the national integrated circuit industry investment fund Co., Ltd., and San'an group transferred 217 million shares of San'an optoelectronics held by it (accounting for about 9.07% of the total share capital) to the national industry fund, with a total transfer amount of 4.839 billion yuan

the investors of the national industrial fund are mainly composed of government background units such as the Ministry of finance, CDB finance and China tobacco. The enterprises they invest in mean that they have national credit endorsement. Therefore, the transfer of this agreement is of great significance. San'an optoelectronics said that the national industrial fund's shareholding in San'an optoelectronics will be conducive to providing various resource guarantees for the company. Through industrial chain integration and mergers and acquisitions at home and abroad, the company will further promote the rapid expansion and strengthening of the III-V compound semiconductors business, and accelerate the pace of international development and the integrated layout of the industrial chain

seize the commanding heights of global technology and market

focus on the future, Li xuetan said that at present, in terms of technical products, the second and third generation semiconductor chips produced by San'an optoelectronics are mainly used in microwave communication, laser communication, power devices, optical communication, induction sensing and other fields. Samples have been sent to some domestic customers for certification, and some products have passed the certification. Ultra high power thin film chip technology, gallium nitride chip technology of lighting series, high current density red light chip technology and many other technologies have reached the international advanced level. The red used in iris recognition can pull the pull plate of the machine head out of the ribbon box to expose the outside, and the chip development has achieved international leading results. Microwave and RF technology applied to intelligent and automotive radar, power management and solar cell technology have reached the world's largest OEM level

San'an optoelectronics will continue to strengthen the layout of product patents, increase investment in technology research and development, and break patent barriers. Through the strong combination with international manufacturers, we have further strengthened the company's comprehensive competitiveness, brand influence and market share. We have established first-class R & D centers in the United States, Japan and China, accelerated the pace of introducing global talents, and successively established joint ventures with Seoul semiconductor, South Korea, GCS, and Cree

in the future, with the in-depth implementation of the 13th five year plan, the layout of the state in the semiconductor industry, especially the integrated circuit industry, will be further strengthened, and the support will be further strengthened, "With the support of this good national industrial policy, the company will always bear in mind the lofty mission of serving the country through industry and strengthening the country through science and technology, give full play to the accumulation of San'an Optoelectronics in the following aspects: industrial management of group III-IV compound integrated circuits and the operating procedures of technical pressure testing machines, and strive to build a 'China core valley' with 100 billion industrial clusters in Fujian. At the same time, the company will accelerate the pace of international mergers and acquisitions and introduce foreign high-end technology and high-end talents , seize the commanding height of global technology and market, and move forward to the top three enterprises of world-class compound integrated circuits. " Li xuetan said

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