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Samsung wireless TV patent exposure, will this be the next burning point of the TV industry

under the general trend of wireless, people's charging methods have undergone earth shaking changes, and this trend has also successfully swept the wearable device market, which is the rhythm of comprehensively harvesting messy power. From the standpoint of consumers, both the wireless charging method and the emergence of wireless Bluetooth headsets have brought about great changes in the way of life experience, but do you know? The TV industry is also blowing the wind of wireless

it is reported that Samsung is studying the new experience of wireless TV. According to the report of foreign media Android headlines in history, compared with such materials, Samsung applied for a relevant patent from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in March last year, showing the idea of wireless TV

according to the exposed patent map, we know that Samsung is trying to add a separate wireless power receiver to the TV, using a strip form similar to a strip box and using electromagnetic fields to build a wireless TV. With the rapid development of science and technology, wireless is indeed the general trend in the future. I believe no one can raise an objection to this, but Samsung's idea of building a wireless TV through electromagnetism as a whole is still too advanced

as we all know, Samsung has been deeply engaged in the field of smart TV for many years. Whether it is far ahead in market sales or technological innovation in the TV industry, Samsung is a well deserved leader. However, Samsung, which has made achievements, is not satisfied with the current situation, but is trying to tap new hotspots in the smart TV industry. Therefore, we see the arrival of a wave of new products such as curved screen TV and picture frame TV. Samsung is very willful in its independence, but the development of the industry has always required scientific and technological innovation

although according to the current situation, the new product of Samsung wireless TV is only in the conceptual stage, and it is only the exposure of patent information at present, it does not rule out that Samsung will turn it into a reality in the future. If this is really successful, it will undoubtedly promote another big change in the development of the whole smart TV field. All this depends on whether Samsung has this ambition

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