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Small and medium-sized diatom mud enterprises need to develop new products to better develop

small and medium-sized diatom mud enterprises need to develop new products to better develop

November 28, 2016

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electronic universal machine digital sensor working principle in the view of many small and medium-sized enterprises, simple imitation and plagiarism, products can still be sold, and the profit is also great, why not? Not only when it comes to impact, but more enterprises do so. In the diatom mud industry, there are not a few small enterprises living on this in the past two years, but is it really feasible in the long run? Do small and medium-sized diatom mud enterprises really not need to develop new products

many business owners will consciously or unconsciously have the illusion that new product development is just a new idea suddenly sprouted, especially for small products developed by small enterprises. In fact, producing a new idea is only a small step in the process of new product development. Even if it is an insignificant small product, the remaining process is still very long. In the rest of the process, some development programs are quite difficult. However, one fact is absolutely true: whether discouraged or not, if the company is not willing to continue to pay for these new ideas, or give up halfway, then the plan will undoubtedly fail completely

new product development has extraordinary strategic significance for enterprises to achieve comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development. It is a strategic task focusing on improving the product structure and operating conditions of enterprises, and it is also a necessary guarantee for strengthening and expanding. As a small enterprise, if it cannot create new products, even if it does not go bankrupt, it will be half dead

however, the cost and risk of developing new products are extremely high, but under the conditions of fierce market competition, it is also a great risk to not develop new products. Because the products of small enterprises will be eliminated quickly under the circumstances of changing customer needs and tastes, changing technology, shortening product life cycle, and increasing competition between domestic and foreign large and medium-sized enterprises. In order to keep their small territory, small enterprises must find substitutes and develop new products, which are the basis for small enterprises to remain invincible

now that you have started something, you must be able to do it well with your focus and heart. Since diatom mud enterprises have started this sacred cause, please invest enough enthusiasm

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