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Small bottle liquid filling machine

Product Name: liquid filling machine

product introduction: liquid filling machine is a machine specially developed for the filling of oral liquids and cosmetics-- The main body of dt21jx equipment is made of non-metallic materials, the liquid passing part is made of polytetrafluoroethylene, and the external exposed metal parts (such as cylinders, motors, etc.) are treated with special anti-corrosion processing technology to ensure the long-term use of the equipment. The equipment is controlled by Taiwan Delta PLC and color touch screen, with stable performance, friendly operation interface and clear parameter settings. The electrical parts are made by the French Schneider brand Jinan experimental machine factory, which also produces pressure testing machines and spring testing machines. If you need any friends, please call us for details!, The pneumatic part adopts Taiwan Yadeke brand, so as to ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment

scope of application: This oral liquid filling machine is applicable to the filling of liquid products that are easy to bubble and foam, such as pesticides, preservatives, iodophor, etc., as well as liquid products with related properties, including automatic filling machines for various oils with low concentration, pesticides and liquid beverages without gas. The filling container of the equipment is suitable for the filling of square bottles or barrels, round bottles or barrels in various formats

Customer filling effect display of this filling machine

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equipment features:

1. The automatic filling machine uses turbine flow sensor (a kind of flow sensor) and counter to control filling

2. Equipped with drip proof system, no filling without bottle

3. Filling is suitable for a wide range of bottle types and high filling accuracy

4. The machine is in-line structure, which adopts the principles of light, machine, electricity and pneumatic. The filling volume is controlled by the counter, and is equipped with a submerged wall spraying device under the filling pipe to eliminate the generation of foam

5. The filling volume is from 1L to 25L, and the filling is accurate, fast and free of dripping

6. The price is lower than that of filling equipment in the same industry

installation and commissioning:

1. Placement: choose a flat and dry place indoors, and place the unpacked host and conveying table smoothly. The main machine is on the inner side of the conveying table, so that the filling head is vertically above the center of the conveying table

2. Install the conveyor: install the conveyor belt foot and column stably, and the foot bolt can be adjusted slightly. Check the tightness of the conveyor chain plate, connect the power supply (the plug of the standard source line is loaded on the back of the main power box), and the conveyor belt should rotate smoothly and the speed regulation is effective

3. Power supply configuration: This equipment adopts 220V single-phase three wire power supply with 3A current. Users must have a reliable grounding when connecting to the power supply to ensure personal safety

4. Configure air source: the air source used by this equipment is 0 6Mpa, the user configured gas source is stable, ensuring the uniformity of cylinder action, in order to bring users a better in car experience and achieve accurate filling effect

5. Install the optical eye: fix the optical eye according to the installation position on the conveying table, and the aiming position of each group should be accurate to achieve accurate counting effect

technical parameters:

number of filling heads

6, 8

filling capacity

ml stepless adjustable

working principle

atmospheric pressure

adapt to bottleneck

18 (mm)

applicable bottle height

40 300 (mm)


1.5 (kw)

filling accuracy <


transmission motor power


production capacity (2L)

1200 barrels -1600 barrels/hour

supporting air source

exhaust volume 1.2 cubic meters per minute

overall dimension

1500*850*1700mm (different according to different needs of customers)

working principle of the equipment:

A. fast and then slow dual flow efficient filling; Automatic induction capping machine

b, digital display directly sets the filling volume; PLC program control, frequency converter speed regulation, linear filling

c, high-precision volumetric flowmeter, accurate and reliable quantitative; Vacuum suction double drip proof

warm tips: precautions for equipment maintenance

1 The machine body is made of stainless steel. Do not scrape its surface with sharp and hard tools

2. The cylinder has been lubricated before leaving the factory. Please do not open or add any lubricating oil

3. Before cleaning the piston filling machine, the remaining products in the barrel should be cleaned clearly, and then fill the barrel with polyurethane invisible film, which has good air permeability, film-forming property and tensile properties, full of soft cleaning liquid. The company recommends using warm water. If necessary, use soapy water, alcohol or other cleaning fluids

4. When disassembling and washing the piston and, remove the upper fixing screws at the same time, so as not to affect the other when disassembling the first one

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