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The automatic weighing and bagging machine for small bags has been put into operation

at present, the latest generation of automatic weighing and bagging machine for small bags developed and produced by the 15th Institute of the Ministry of space has passed the ministerial appraisal. A CGF filling and packaging machine has been put into use in Beijing flour factory. The machine is developed for the current needs of commodity packaging. The whole machine adopts programmable controller (PLC), which can automatically complete weighing, bagging, bagging and conveying. What if the measurement data of the tensile testing machine is inaccurate? The process and bag mouth can be sewn by ring belt heat sealing machine or industrial sewing machine. The machine is composed of feeding device, automatic quantitative weighing, pneumatic control system, electric control system, support bench, etc. it is an ideal automatic weighing and bagging equipment for dry, cohesionless granular materials and easy flowing dry bulk powder materials. The machine is mainly characterized by the development of high-precision composite technology, process, products and utilization, which should grasp the development and innovation (± 0.2 ~ 0.5%). The technical level of the whole machine is close to that of the same kind in the world, and the consequence is the advanced level of products with serious flying. The machine is widely used in the bagging and packaging of food, beverages, condiments, chemical raw materials and other particles. At present, there are two models of powder cgf3-2 and granular cal5-1 coming to the market, and the new model under development is expected to be successfully developed in the first quarter of this year

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