The hottest small cans of tea sell 2billion a year

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Small cans of tea sell 2billion a year by packaging and hype. The driving force behind the revelation

sell 2billion black tea a year. Small cans of tea have aroused doubts about its production technology because of a recent news, which directly leads to black tea becoming more "red"

Du Guoying, the founder of xiaocan tea, has always been good at marketing, and naturally pushed xiaocan tea to the front desk quickly, but in the end, it was paid attention to by the outside world because of its most eye-catching master's Handmade propaganda concept. Although xiaocan tea was clarified in time, it left the outside world a "deep impression" on this black tea

small cans of tea that sell 2billion a year

recently, some media questioned that the tea brand "small cans of tea" is suspected of false publicity. From the sales analysis, its advertising "handmade by eight masters" is impossible. In 2018, the retail sales of "small pot of tea" was 2 billion, and when it was publicized, it highlighted "handmade by eight tea masters". This is a very simple arithmetic problem. On average, each master needs to fry 250million tea. According to the price conversion, it needs to fry 220 Jin of net tea every day. A top tea lady can stir fry 40 Jin of tea a day. Frying 220 kilograms of tea every day breaks through the cognition of the tea industry, and it is obviously not in line with common sense to ask masters to work all year round

in this regard, the small pot of tea said that "master work" refers to the works representing the master's skills, not the master's manual tea frying. As the "chief product manager" of each tea category of small pot tea, tea masters work with small pot tea to produce tea product standards, and strictly control the picking and production process of relevant raw materials. More hard work and tiredness are gradually being handed over to modern tea making equipment. So the question "is the master tired or not" is pure ridicule

although the official interpretation of the small pot tea finally explained the real production process of the company, which is not completely handmade, it still did not satisfy consumers. Some friends said that in the publicity of some products of the small pot tea official, it was marked with which master work it was, "Master Wang Shunming", "master Xie Sishi", "master Qi Guowei", and so on. According to its explanation, the "work" of "master of small pot tea" originally does not represent speculation, does it mean "speculation"

in fact, the small cans of tea that have become popular in the past two years have attracted special attention from the outside world because of their modern packaging and high price positioning. After consulting the small pot tea official, it was found that its products include green tea, black tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea and reprocessed tea. The price of the 10 can gift box is 500, and the price of the 20 can gift box is 1000

it is reported that the sales data of small cans of tea was expressed by Du Guoying in a public speech in early January. In 2018, small cans of tea sold 2billion, becoming the first in China's tea brand retail sales in the 360billion space tea industry. On January 8, Meijiang, the general manager of xiaocan tea market center, publicly said that xiaocan tea basically reached breakeven in 2018 and will be profitable in 2019

the magic spell of "marketing experts sell when they grow fat" is also Xiao He's success or failure, and the small pot of tea that is good at marketing is therefore questioned by public opinion

it is understood that the focus of xiaocan tea is also on the development and utilization of special processing aids and additives for special engineering plastics, the utilization and innovation of special engineering plastics in rail transit, the utilization status and development trend of special engineering plastics in the field of electronics and electrical engineering, etc. the founder is Du Guoying, a "marketing expert". According to the data, Du Guoying is also the maker of good backs, good memory, e-people, e-books and 8848 titanium, These products were also the marketing "celebrities" of that year

according to public information, before starting a business, Du Guoying had been selling for three years, during which he became the regional market champion and the national sales champion for many times. At the age of 25, Du Guoying relied on advertising bombing, star endorsements and other methods to boost the sales of the entrepreneurial project "back to back good" posture belt to 450million in 1998. Therefore, Du Guoying became the youngest billionaire in Chinese business at that time

in 2003, Du Guoying began to build a "Haojixing" learning machine, package and hype the concept of "five-dimensional memory method", lay full page newspaper advertisements, and explore new ways online and offline, and cooperate with bookstores to establish counters for sales. At the end of 2003, in just half a year, Haojixing's sales exceeded 200million. Since 2005, the two brands have gradually disappeared from people's sight with the reduction of advertisements for beibeijia and Haojixing

in 2009, Du Guoying switched to mobile electronic devices, launched a handwritten business computer "E-person e-book", and invited Feng Xiaogang and ge you as spokespersons. In 2013, E-man e Ben was acquired by Tsinghua Tongfang at a price of nearly 1.4 billion. Du Guoying made a lot of money, but then the sales volume gradually declined

in 2015, Du Guoying began to make light luxury 8848. However, on December 23, 2016, the China Consumer Association determined that there was a discrepancy between the 8848 titanium network publicity and the actual material of the product, which was false publicity. Since then, the momentum of 8848 has stopped, and the sales have fallen. R - the compressive strength of the specimen

due to the same path, the outside world can't help but evaluate this kind of marketing products as a marketing method of selling after fattening. Can the small pot of tea in this operation break the previous spell

partner's M & A Madman background

in fact, Du Guoying first appeared in the list of shareholders of small pot tea on December 16, 2016, generating three new types of FRP (1), FRP (2) and FRP (3) without cup punching die code machine modified polyurethane high molecular new material small pot tea with equity change. In the industrial and commercial change records recorded by the enterprise, Du Guoying and Zhao Weiguo appeared in the list of key personnel of the company at the same time, and the above-mentioned founder Du Guoying became the legal representative. Before that, the shareholders of xiaocan tea company were two natural person shareholders, Guo Li and Du Yaohui

after the introduction of Zhao Weiguo as a shareholder, the registered capital of xiaocan tea company also soared from 50million to 300million. In the next few years, small cans of tea became a troublemaker in China's traditionally conservative tea industry

since then, due to the successive entry of investment institutions, the equity structure of xiaocan tea has changed twice in a row. For the first time, half a year later, haiyinghatch asset management center became a shareholder. According to the equity structure, song Lixin is one of the shareholders behind yinghatch asset management center. Song Lixin is the president of the magazine

after the second change, in March 2018, xiaocan tea company once again had new shareholders. In the industrial and commercial change records recorded by the enterprise, Gongqing City Kunming investment management partnership (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as Kunming investment) became a shareholder at this time. The executive partner of Kunming investment is Tibet Jiankun carrier Venture Capital Co., Ltd., which belongs to Jiankun investment of shareholder Zhao Weiguo. At the same time, Kunming investment is not the only shareholder of xiaocan tea company. Horgos Zihua Huijin equity investment partnership (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as Zihua Huijin) also entered

the rapid development of small cans of tea to today's level is actually closely related to the successful operation of the founders and major shareholders. Du Guoying's image as a marketing talent is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but the image of Zhao Weiguo, who was born in the "purple light" department, as an M & a talent cannot be underestimated

it is understood that Zhao Weiguo, a legend who joined Ziguang after his master's degree, founded a private enterprise Jiankun investment in 2004. In 2009, Zhao Weiguo's Jiankun investment took a 49% stake in Ziguang group, and successively served as president and chairman. On this basis, Zhao Weiguo launched tens of billions of US dollars of external expansion, and was known as the "M & A Madman" in the industry

with the blessing of both marketing experts and M & A maniacs, will the road of small pot of tea go further

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