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Xiaoneng joined hands with UFIDA cloud: integrating intelligent cloud customer service to provide one-stop services for enterprises

the 2017 China enterprise interconnection conference and UFIDA cloud ecological Partner Conference were grandly held in Wuzhen. The first batch of UFIDA cloud market product and service integration partners were announced at the event site. Xiaoneng is the only enterprise on the list in the field of cloud customer service. Xiaoneng will help UFIDA cloud ecosystem and help customers complete one-stop opening and services

smart cloud customer service, small ability is enough

on August 19, the 2017 China enterprise interconnection conference and UFIDA cloud ecological partnership conference with the theme of moving towards the cloud and changing the future was grandly held in Wuzhen, an Internet Town, Zhejiang Province. A total of more than 5000 people, including entrepreneurs and senior executives, experts, scholars and media representatives from various industries, attended the conference. We warmly discussed the way to take off on the cloud in the fields of digital marketing and customer service, intelligent manufacturing, finance, human resources, social networking and collaborative office, corporate finance and other enterprise services

on the day of the conference, in addition to the main forum, there were many parallel sub forums discussing the innovative application and practice of enterprise interconnection from all levels of enterprise development. At the UFIDA cloud ecological partners sub forum, the first batch of UFIDA cloud market product and service integration partners were also announced, and a licensing ceremony was held. UFIDA cloud market said that it will achieve a win-win effect of customer resource expansion, market increment and performance improvement through product integration and solution integration, and share the trillion market of enterprise interconnection with alliance partners

Xiaoneng was awarded the first batch of the only intelligent cloud customer service ecological partners of UFIDA cloud

on the left is Mr. Fu Yi, vice president of UFIDA network and general manager of cloud marketing division, and on the right is Mr. Yang Xuanfeng, vice president of marketing of Xiaoneng technology

the forum activity site. The first batch of UFIDA cloud market product and service integration partners were officially announced, including 14 ecological partners such as 360 enterprise security, e-mail and Xiaoneng cloud customer service. Among them, Xiaoneng technology is the only enterprise on the list that supports the development of automotive lightweight cloud customer service

Mr. Fu Yi, vice president of UFIDA network and general manager of cloud marketing division, said that China's SaaS industry has gone through two stages: software cloud and field scene, and has entered the stage of integrated application development. UFIDA cloud and its ecological partners provide enterprises with various services, especially promoting the integrated application and in-depth integration between services to meet the needs of integrated applications of enterprises

why can Xiaoneng technology, which has rarely been exposed and low-key, become one of the first alliance members of UFIDA cloud? In this regard, Ma Liqun, the co-founder of Xiaoneng technology, said: first, Xiaoneng has been in the forefront of the field of customer service for ten years. The most important thing is that the concept and method of national governance are still intoxicated in the "old era"; Military management, social management, and the modern inheritance of 5000 year old culture have not been systematically and standardized in line with modernization, leading the development of the industry. For example, AI technology, which is valued by the industry, has penetrated into the customer service system like blood in Xiaoneng, and thus built five core intelligent competitiveness, namely intelligent recognition, intelligent distribution, intelligent communication, intelligent dialogue, intelligent collaboration and intelligent data. This is the inevitable requirement of the intelligent customer service era, which is completely different from the previous artificial customer service era and the information customer service era

Mr. Ma Liqun, co-founder of Xiaoneng technology, delivered a speech

second, Xiaoneng is a practical and practical company. Ma Liqun added: we really provide customer service solutions for more than 3000 well-known enterprises in China that conduct scientific research on artificial organs to help them solve the most front-line, practical and sudden customer demand problems. Our industry satisfaction and reputation are very high

Ma Liqun gave an example at the scene. He said that there was an e-commerce customer whose customer service team had more than 10000 people. The biggest pain point was that the business was huge and complex, and the system often crashed. After using Xiaoneng's Intelligent Cloud customer service, this customer has greatly improved the poor situation through AI intelligent distribution, dialogue, monitoring, early warning, quality inspection and other communication and management tools. Finally, the conversion rate of customer service orders has increased by 23%. This indicator is very high in the industry. At the same time, their VIP customer satisfaction is close to 100%, reaching 99%. We can see that the value contribution of the whole AI in this case is more than 65%, which is a very gratifying achievement

coincidentally, many customers mentioned that Xiaoneng would say, cloud customer service, Xiaoneng is enough, I personally feel very gratified

ecological integration provides one-stop services for enterprises

UFIDA cloud is the core of the strategic development of UFIDA 3.0. Through UFIDA cloud platform PAAS services, combined with UFIDA cloud market operation services, it can help all partners form an integrated professional business model from development and launch, marketing and promotion, transaction realization and after-sales service

it is understood that the products and services of these 14 ecological partners will be integrated with UFIDA cloud. UFIDA cloud will open sales channels to the first batch of UFIDA cloud market products and services integration partners. The products and services of the first batch of integration partners are also a beneficial supplement to UFIDA cloud. In this way, UFIDA cloud will achieve the greatest win-win with ecological partners

take Xiaoneng, a cloud customer service representative. More than 3000 well-known brand customers in various industries are using Xiaoneng cloud customer service. First, it will be integrated with the marketing cloud pre-sales solution, and enable the ability of UFIDA cloud intelligent customer service through the use scenarios of specific customers. At the same time, Xiaoneng's core products and businesses will also be deeply integrated into UFIDA's marketing cloud system, connecting B2C, B2C, after-sales service, o2o, B2B, online platform, new retail and other products and interfaces, forming an assembly line business with one click to help customers complete one-stop opening and services

Fu Yi, vice president of UFIDA network and general manager of the cloud marketing division, also stressed that under the strategy of developing UFIDA 3.0 as a testing instrument, UFIDA cloud will open more resources and opportunities to empower all partners, jointly form a strong enterprise level service ecosystem alliance, and deeply integrate various services of partners through its own core services to face all enterprise customers in the form of an integrated service scenario, The core value of truly empowering Chinese enterprises is to increase revenue, reduce costs, improve efficiency and control risks

Ma Liqun, the co-founder of Xiaoneng technology, said that the future ecological customer service must be based on the customer service process reengineering of the ecological industrial chain. With the powerful resources of UFIDA cloud platform and the strength of connecting enterprises, Xiaoneng technology will usher in faster development

finally, Ma Liqun expressed such a vision: the potential of the smart customer service industry is far from exploding, and the value of big data is a gold mine. With more scenario based applications of AI intelligent customer service, the future customer service system will become more and more intelligent. We hope to finally make machines serve enterprise customers like human beings

they are using Xiaoneng to improve user service

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