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Small and medium-sized enterprises help China's mold grow vigorously

with China's sustained economic growth, the casting industry will maintain high-speed growth and drive the development of the casting mold manufacturing industry. The casting mold market is extremely active. Due to the low cost of mold production in China, with the improvement of mold manufacturing technology and quality. It can not only reduce the import of molds, but also gradually open the foreign market, and the export of molds will have a great development

under the reform and opening-up policy, China's small and medium-sized private foundry mold enterprises have mushroomed. With the spring breeze of reform and opening-up, China's small and medium-sized foundry mold enterprises have been fully developed, and the stage of private enterprises has jumped larger and larger

with the development of small and medium-sized private enterprises in China, the contribution of small and medium-sized enterprises to society has become increasingly prominent. In terms of profits and taxes, the taxes paid by small and medium-sized enterprises across the country have become the backbone of local finance. China's casting mold enterprises are also an important member of these small and medium-sized enterprises, contributing a lot of profits and taxes to our country

in terms of absorbing employment, small and medium-sized casting and mold enterprises have obvious advantages over large enterprises in terms of creating employment opportunities due to low investment, flexible operation, low cost, low skill requirements for workers and high quenching temperature. Small casting and mold enterprises only need tens of thousands of essential yuan to buy a piece of equipment that infringes the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong. Our after-sales service can meet the after-sales problems you are struggling with in all provinces across the country, and threeorfour people can carry out production. These small enterprises have made outstanding contributions to China's economic construction because of their small scale, high efficiency and considerable economic benefits

China's small and medium-sized casting mold enterprises have achieved remarkable results in terms of profits and taxes, employment, labor absorption and contribution to the economy

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